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The journal Semina: Exact and Technological Sciences is a biannual publication promoting Science and Technology and is associated with the State University of Londrina (UEL). Original and review articles are published, focused on the areas of Technology, including: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Geosciences, Computation, Engineerings and Architectural Sciences.

The journal is open and free of charge for authors. The official DOI is registered for each paper.


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Vol. 43, no.1 (2022) continuous flow

Vol. 43, No. 1 Esp. (2022) (continuous flow)
Special Issue - Numerical Methods and Applications


Call for Special Issue - “Numerical Methods and Applications”

In 2022, in addition to the traditional issues (Vol. 43 ed. 1 and 2), there will be the publication of a special issue (Vol. 43 ed. Supl.), on the subject “Numerical Methods and Applcations”. Therefore, we invite the scientific community to publicize their researchs on the subject, publishing them in this issue, which will be open from January to December 2022Remember that since 2020 the continuous
flow publication system has been adopted.

The issue will be coordinated by the invited professors:

  • Alexandre M. Afonso (UP/PT);
  • Antônio Castelo (USP São Carlos);
  • Luis L. Ferrás (Universidade do Minho/PT);
  • Sandra Malta (LNCC);
  • Saulo Pomponet Oliveira (UFPR);
  • Viviana Cocco Mariani (PUCPR/UFPR).

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