Video game for learning and metaphorization of recursive algorithms

Ricardo Inacio Alvares Silva, Rosilane Ribeiro Mota, Jacques Duilio Brancher


The learning of recursive algorithms in computer programming is problematic, because its execution and resolution is not natural to the thinking way people are trained and used to since young. As with other topics in algorithms, we use metaphors to make parallels between the abstract and the concrete to help in understanding the operation of recursive algorithms. However, the classic metaphors employed in this area, such as calculating factorial recursively and Towers of Hanoi game, may just confuse more or be insufficient. In this work, we produced a computer game to assist students in computer courses in learning recursive algorithms. It was designed to have regular video game characteristics, with narrative and classical gameplay elements, commonly found in this kind of product. Aiding to education occurs through metaphorization, or in other words, through experiences provided by game situations that refer to recursive algorithms. To this end, we designed and imbued in the game four valid metaphors related to the theory, and other minor references to the subject.


Video game; Recursive algorithm; Metaphorization; Mental models


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