Prevalência de infecções hospitalares e comunitárias e uso de anti microbianos em pacientes internados no mês de janeiro de 1981 no Hospital Universitário Regional do Norte Do Paraná (HURNP). II. Uso de anti microbianos em geral

Álvaro Jabur, Alair Alfredo Berbert, José Luis da Silveira Baldy, Tercilio Luiz Turini, Sueli Crema


The first part of this work about the use of antimicrobian drugs, isolated our multiple pointed out for the treatment of different types of hospital and community infections, considering the pattern of sensibility to antimicrobian, in vitro, of the isolated microorganisms. Analysis was made of the hospital, infected patients whose death was ascribed to this infections disease, describing the isolated microorganisms resistnace pattern to the antibiotics prescribed.


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