Prevalência de infecções hospitalares e comunitárias e uso de antimicrobianos em pacientes internados no mês de janeiro de 1981 no Hospital Universitário Regional do Norte do Paraná (HURNP). I. casuística, prevalência das infecções e letalidades

Álvaro Jabur, Alair Alfredo Berbert, José Luis da Silveira Baldy, Tercilio Luiz Turini, Sueli Crema


Article based on data related to 543 interned patients in January, 1981, in the Hospital Universitário Regional do Norte do Paraná (HURNP), of Universidade Estadual de Londrina, analysing the prevalence of community or hospital infection in 294 (55,1%) individuals who have been treated with antimicrobian drugs. The patients were selected by sex, age, category (social security affiliated and non-affiliated) and time of intemation. Eighty-nine patients (30,3%) received antimicrobians with pprophylatic purpose. The prevalence of hospital infection was 6,2% and the community infection was analysed considering the type and anatomic localization on patients who have through blood-transfusion and/or plasma and those submetted to invaders procedures. Among the 205 patients who received antimicrobians with terapeutics purpose, 33 (16,1%) showed hospital infection and 172 (83,9%) showed community infection. The degree of letal occurency in relation to patients who showed hospital infection was 27,2% and in relation to those showing community infection was 9,9%. Eight among nine patients showing hospital infection had their death associated to this infection (letal occurency 24,2%).


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