Metapoesia: para uma poética da poesia. Segunda parte: a poesia

Enoque Balbino Lima


This is the second part of the doctoral dissertation - METAPOESIA. In Part I (Semina 3:10) the concept of Poet and its relationship with the universe of poetical creation were discussed. In Part II new approaches are made: the concept of poetry in Critics and in Poetry; concepts of the natural and poetic states, and sources of poetry in the poetic discourse used with a metalinguistic function by which the poet can describe the entire poetic phenomenon. Sources of poetry an also discussed: the physical universe as well as the psychic and the metaphysical are compared for the conclusion that the Poetry is not the re-creation of universe but cosmic reflex trichotomously mirrored in the poem. The poetic creation consists in the capture of a small particle of the cosmic poetry in its potential, status giving it communicative form through the discourse.



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