Electrochemical study of oxidation process of amitriptiline using sensor based on carbon paste containing immobilized DNA on inorganic matrix

João Paulo Marco, Keyller Bastos Borges, César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley, Emerson Schwingel Ribeiro, Arnaldo César Pereira


In the present work the voltammetric behavior and the electroxidation process of amitriptiline (AMT) in electrochemical sensor based on carbon paste containing DNA immobilized on the inorganic matrix prepared by sol-gel process (SiO2/Al2O3/Nb2O5). The method of Laviron verified that the electroxidation process of AMT is irreversible and high speed of electron transfer. The study of the oxidation of AMT and influence of pH showed slope of 0.059 V/pH (similar the nernstian system: 0.0592 V/pH) suggesting that it involves the transfer of one proton and one electron.


Antidepressant; Electrochemical behavior; Oxidation process

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0375.2015v36n2p133

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