A Hybrid Analytical-Numerical Solution to the Laminar Flow inside Biconical Ducts

Thiago Antonini Alves, Ricardo Alan Verdú Ramos, Cassio Roberto Macedo Maia


In this work was presented a hybrid analytical-numerical solution to hydrodynamic problem of fully developed Newtonian laminar flow inside biconical ducts employing the Generalized Integral Transform Technique (GITT). In order to facilitate the analytical treatment and the application of the boundary conditions, a Conformal Transform was used to change the domain into a more suitable coordinate system. Thereafter, the GITT was applied on the momentum equation to obtain the velocity field. Numerical results were obtained for quantities of practical interest, such as maximum and minimum velocity, Fanning friction factor, Poiseuille number, Hagenbach factor and hydrodynamic entry length.


Integral Transform; Conformal Transform; Laminar Flow; Biconical

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0375.2015v36n2p119

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