Multirate DS/CDMA Systems with Heuristic-Genetic Detector in Multipath Channels

Fernando Ciriaco, Taufik Abrão, Paul Jean Etienne Jeszensky


This work analyses a combinatorial optimization technique based on genetic algorithm (GA) applied to the multiuser detection problem (MuD) in multirate DS/CDMA systems by multiple codes in multipath fading channels. Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) results, in two multirate conditions, showed that the detection based on GA is a viable option when compared with the optimum MuD (OMuD). The genetic algorithm complexity is determined and compared with the OMuD based on the required number of computational operations, showing an expressive improvement in terms of complexity-performance tradeoff when compared with Rake receiver.


Genetic Algorithm; DS/CDMA; Multiple Codes; Multirate; Multiuser Detection;. Optimum Detector.


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Semin., Ciênc. Exatas Tecnol.
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