Performance of the students of mathematics course – degree qualification: of the vestibular until the second year of the course

Patrícia Rosana Moreno Pátaro, Adriano Ferreti Borgatto


This work presents a study carried out with the second-year students of the Mathematics Course from the State University of Londrina. The main objective of this study was to verify if the students had improved on their mathematic performance, after attending two years of the course. The data were collected by twenty-one students enrolled in the course. Some information such as the kind of school where the student studied during High School, the gender, if the student failed during High School and if he/she attended or not prep school, were obtained on the same day when the second entrance examination was done, by means of a questionnaire. Some statistic tests were applied in order to obtain results, compare variations and verify the student’s mathematic performance. Among the results, it can be concluded that there was a change in the mathematic performance of the students after attending two years of the course and that most of the students came from public schools. The aims of this study were achieved satisfactorily, obtaining positive results related to the proposed theme.


Teaching; Statistic Analysis; Mathematic Performance.


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