Nailed timber beams with I composed section

Jorge Luís Nunes de Góes, Antonio Alves Dias


The employment of built-up timber beams, made of commercial dimensions pieces, is becoming increasingly important in timber structures in Brazil, mainly due to the ever-growing scarcity of timber elements in larger sizes. The built-up system has vast application, from beams for residential buildings to girders for small bridges. The objective of this work is the theoretical and experimental study of nailed timber beams with composed cross section I. The design procedure of EUROCODE 5/93 and NBR 7190/97 are shown and evaluated, as well as the theory about the subject matter. The experimental evaluation of the theoretical models was made by means of bending tests in prototypes of built-up timber beams. The obtained results shows that the EUROCODE 5/93 procedure is the most indicated for evaluating effective bending stiffness, normal and shear stresses as well as the load on fasteners.


Vigas compostas; Estruturas de madeira; Rigidez de ligações.


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Semin., Ciênc. Exatas Tecnol.
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This journal is licensed with a license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.