Three-phase power supply, output 60v and 100a, with unit power factor and low RFI level

Carlos Henrique Gonçalves Treviso, Adriano Alves Pereira, Lúcio dos Reis Barbosa, Luiz Carlos de Freitas, João Batista Vieira Júnior


This paper presents a three-phase rectifier, unit power factor, non-dissipative commutation in DC-DC converter and synchronized control in frequency, working with 89% of global efficiency and low level do RFI. The proposed structure allows the operation with high switching frequency. The output voltage is controlled by PWM with a constant frequency. The operation principle, theoretical analysis from DC converter, relevant equations, current balance control technique and experimental results, are shown in this paper.


Rectifier; Unit power; High performance; Low RFI.


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