Automatic Evaluation of Colonies Growth rate of Yeasts incubated in Petri dishes using Mobile Platform

Alecsander Pereira Martins, José Carlos Pizolato Jr., Valdinei Luís Belini


This paper proposes an automatic method based on computer vision implemented in mobile platform capable of monitoring the growth of microbial colonies incubated in Petri dishes. The developed optimized image processing algorithm performs this task without human intervention from images of colonies of the microorganism in different evolution phases. The contribution of this paper is the development of a fast and robust mobile tool to assist bioprocess experts in monitoring the growth of colonies without using the conventional error prone evaluation techniques. The obtained results successfully demonstrated dimensional alterations in colonies in a faster and more precise fashion when compared with the conventional method, with the additional advantage of versatility in producing reliable estimation of the growth rates with higher statistical significance.


Image Processing; Yeast; Computer Vision; Mobile Platform


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