Use of high resolution images of orbital surface of waterproofing with different levels of urban land: case Irati-PR

Bruno Cezar Gardens Lechiu, Paulo Costa de Oliveira Filho, Jeanette Beber de Souza


The objective of this research was to present a detailed diagnosis for use and occupation of urban land aimed at different levels of sealing, in a downtownIrati area of 14 blocks, totaling 0.23 km2, from the Quickbird satellite images with spatial resolution of 0.60 m, by the method of interpretation and vectorization on the screen followed by classification. The area occupied by the classes that represent the highest level of waterproof is 33,218% of the total study area, since the area occupied by classes representing less impermeable level is 22,488% of the same area. The results show that the study area is well sealed.


Remote sensing; quickbird images; vectorization on canvas; impervious urban land; Irati-PR


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