Characterization of the variability of genes related to male fertility and temperament in Brazilian Mangalarga horses

Lídia Carolina Meira Arneiro, Rogério Adallah Curi, Josineudson Augusto II Vasconcelos Silva, Marcílio Dias Silveira da Mota


The aims of the present study were to propose a PCR-RFLP genotyping method for the AJ_315378:c.110A>G and AB_264325:c.771G>C SNPs in the equine CRISP1 and HTR1A genes, respectively, as well as to characterize these and another polymorphism, AB_098561:c.1470G>A of the SLC6A4 gene, in order to provide a basis for future studies investigating the association between DNA markers and traits of interest in this breed. For this, 151 Mangalarga horses of both sexes, representatives of the population of the Sate of São Paulo, Brazil, were used. PCR-RFLP was found to be adequate for the genotyping of the SNPs AJ_315378:c.110A>G of the CRISP1 and AB_264325:c.771G>C of the HTR1A. However, the polymorphism of the CRISP1 probably does not occur in Mangalarga horses, a fact impairing association studies of this marker with traits related to male fertility. The estimative of the population genetic parameters obtained for the polymorphisms AB_264325:c.771G>C of the HTR1A and AB_098561:c.1470G>A of the SLC6A4 in the studied sample discourage the conduct of research addressed the association between markers and traits related to temperament.


CRISP1; Horses; HTR1A; Polymorphisms; SLC6A4.


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