Profile of consumers of milk pasteurized type C and sterilized (UHT) from Janaúba – MG

Poliana Batista de Aguilar, Fredson Vieira e Silva, Edivânia Souza Zeferino, Franklin Delano dos Santos Soares, Weiber da Costa Gonçalves, Franklin Meireles de Oliveira, Benara Carla Barros Frota


The objective of this work was to evaluate the consumption of pasteurized type C milk and sterilized (UHT) in the city from Janaúba-MG. The borough had 53.832 inhabitants in the urban area is divided into 58 sectors that were distributed in six samples in accordance population, being chosen randomly. The survey was conducted with 10% of urban population and according to the IBGE of Janaúba the number of habitants per household is 3,84 with respondents 85, 215, 498, 295, 247, and 83 homes respectively, were however interviews conducted in 1561. The consumer profile of milk was obtained by a questionnaire consisting of multiple choice questions related to the consumption of pasteurized and sterilized milk (UHT). The data were compiled and analyzed by using the Chi-Square at 5% probability. In relation to consumption, 91,03% of people interviewed said that consumed milk. Regarding the type of milk, 45% of people interviewed said that consumed pasteurized milk. However, one should bear in mind that 11,06% of these individuals are pasteurized milk donated by the Federal Government program. Of people interviewed, 36,76% said that consumed milk informal. With regard to diseases that are transmitted by milk, 51,65% of people interviewed that consumed sterilized milk said did not know and 61,45% of people interviewed that consumed sterilized milk said that they knew or knew of any disease transmitted by milk. Of people interviewed, 67,65% did not knew any sanitary inspection seal. And 73,48% of people interviewed said that this feature does not influence the time of purchase. The more consumed in the municipality of pasteurized was Janaúba taking into account the milk donated by the Federal Government program, followed by informal and sterilized milks.


Consumer; Health inspection; Informal milk.


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