Analysis multitemporal of the soil use and occupation between 1987 and 2004 in the northern urban expansion zone of Londrina- PR, using Remote Sensing (SR) and the Geographical Information System (GIS)

Amarildo Souza de Paula, Rigoberto Lazaro Prieto Cainzos, Omar Neto Fernandes Barros, Ricardo Ralisch


The article makes a multitemporal analysis of use/occupation of the soil in the area of urban sprawl North of Londrina-PR the years between 1987 and 2004, using images from Landsat-5 satellites and Spot-5. Were applied images digital processing techniques (PDI) as color combinations (false color), processing IHS (Intensity, Hue, Saturation) and supervised maximum likelihood classification (MAXVER), in order to get the classes of use/occupation of the soil. The results are presented in thematic maps showing qualitatively and quantitatively the real condition of use and occupation of land, noting that the region is not being environmentally preserved according to the established laws because its forest cover has less than 20% of forests, the minimum required by law. The urban area and ranches had an increasing advance, confirming the trend of land use in the region for the unplanned way urban occupation. In turn the pasture and agricultural activity had a higher prevalence of 50% in the area, showing the importance of rural activity for the region.


Use/land cover; Satellite imagery; Remote sensing; GIS; North area of Londrina.


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Londrina - PR
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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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