Meta-analysis for heritability of estimates development and production traits of Coffea canephora Pierre

Telde Natel Custódio, Danielle Pereira Baliza, Samuel Pereira Carvalho, Tiago Teruel Rezende


Heritability of estimates related to development and production traits of coffee (C. canephora) are widely used informations in genetic improvement programs. However, because of the great number of scientific papers published in the recent years, conflicting conclusions are observed. Thus, to summarize such information has become a necessity. In this context, a meta-analysis was conducted with the objective of summarizing the heritability estimates of traits related to the development and production of C. canephora. Heritability estimates were appraised regarding the following traits: plant height, diameter of the canopy, fruit size, maturation cycle, bean production (kg ha-1), maturation uniformity, flat bean percentage, empty bean percentage, peaberry percentage, moisture percentage of the bean at harvest, cherry coffee and coffee coconut ratio, cherry coffee and benefited coffee ratio, coffee coconut and benefited coffee ratio, percentage of medium sieve and yield. The data regarding the heritability estimates are from scientific articles published in national and international journals, congress annals, and post-graduation thesis and dissertations. The most of the appraised traits, except the diameter of the canopy and of the yield, are highly inherited, reflecting the high genetic variety of coffee plants, and possible for satisfactory genetic gains to be reached in improvement programs in which those traits are evaluated. The use of techniques of meta-analysis shows to be efficient to synthesize the results of studies of estimation of heritability obtained in experiments evaluating the characteristics related to development and production C. canephora.


Pooled estimates; Genetic parameters; Systematization.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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