St. Augustinegrass sod production subjected nitrogen rates

Leandro José Grava de Godoy, Roberto Lyra Villas Bôas, Clarice Backes


Nitrogen is the nutrient that provides the greatest turfgrass growth responses and the adequate nitrogen fertilization can provide sod formation in less time and firm to be handled after harvest. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of nitrogen levels in the formation of St. Augustinegrass sod. The experiment was conducted in a sod production farm in Itapetininga, SP. The experimental design was a randomized blocks with four replications. The treatments consisted of five N doses: 0, 150, 300, 450 and 600 kg ha-1, split into three applications. Increased levels of nitrogen affected the soil cover rate by the St. Augustinegrass reducing the time for sod formation. The leaf N concentration and intensity of green grass were influenced by nitrogen doses, and with the rate of green coverage (TCV) of soil, can be used to assist in the recommendation of N doses. Rate of 430 kg ha-1 of N provided the production of St. Augustinegrass sod resistant the harvest and transport, within ten months.


Turfgrass; Nitrogen fertilization; Soil cover rate; Stenotaphrum secundatum Kuntze.


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