Changes in temperature, oxygen and CO2 during controlled atmosphere storage of ‘Royal Gala’ apples

Auri Brackmann, Vanderlei Both, Anderson Weber, Elizandra Pivotto Pavanello, Marcio Renan Weber Schorr, Jorge Roque Alves dos Santos


The aim of this research was to evaluate the effect of changes of temperature, levels of O2 and CO2 during storage, on the quality of ‘Royal Gala’ apples stored in controlled atmosphere (CA) for long term. The treatments consisted of storage temperatures of 0.0 ºC, 0.5 °C and 1.0 ºC, decreasing in temperature during storage of 0.5 ºC to 0.0 ºC, in CA with 1.0 kPa O2 and 2.0 kPa CO2, besides storage in low O2 (0.8 kPa), decreasing in O2 concentration (from 1.0 kPa to 0.8 kPa) and CO2 increasing (from 2.0 kPa to 8.0 kPa) during storage period, at 0.5 ºC. Fruit quality was evaluated after eight months of storage plus seven days at 20 °C. Apples stored at 1.0 ºC, in standard CA (1.0 kPa O2 and 2.0 kPa CO2), showed less ethylene production, respiration, ACC oxidase activity and lower breakdown and mealy pulp incidence. Increasing in CO2 concentration at the end of the storage period was not more efficient than standard CA in maintenance fruit quality during shelf life, but did not cause damage in the fruits. The decrease in O2 and/or temperature during storage reduces the fruit decay incidence.


Quality; Ethylene; Postharvest; Malus domestica Borkh.


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