Overcoming seed dormancy and early growth of seedlings of Spondias tuberosa, Arr. Câmara

Aniela Pilar Campos de Melo, Alexsander Seleguini, Martha Nacimento Castro, Flávia de Andrade Meira, Janete Motta da Silva Gonzaga, Kuniko Iwamoto Haga


Pre-germination treatments such as scarification and the use of growth regulators can provide the dormancy breaking in seeds and enhance the emergence and development of seedlings. The aim of this study was to determine appropriate treatments to overcome seed dormancy and enhance the initial growth of seedlings of Spondias tuberosa. We used a randomized design in factorial 2 x 4, with the following factors: seeds scarified or not scarified and then soaked in water or aqueous solutions of gibberellin, cytokinin and ethylene, with 4 replicates and 15 seeds. There was no significant interaction between scarification treatments and use of growth regulators. Mechanical scarification and soaking seeds in solutions containing umbuzeiro growth regulators does not increase the percentage of seedling emergence, however soaking in a solution of Ethrel at 100 ppm provides higher speed of emergence and root development.


Spondias tuberosa Arr. Câmara; Growth regulators; Ethylene; Seed scarification.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2012v33n4p1343

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