Alternative phytosanitary products to control of whitefly (Bemisia tuberculata) (Matile-Ferrero), in cassava

Ana Raquel Rheinheimer, Luis Francisco Angeli Alves, Vanda Pietrowski, Patrícia Paula Bellon, Aline Monsani Miranda, Diego Gazola


This study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of alternative phytossanitary products on the oviposition and mortality of nymphs and adults of whitefly (Bemisia tuberculata). It was evaluated the insecticidal action of commercial products Plant Clean®, Pironin®, Mattan Plus® and Calda fertilizante foliar® on third instar nymphs, by products direct spraying, being the mortality observed during 10 days. To evaluate the effects of these products in oviposition deterrence and adult mortality, the four upper leaves of 25 plants were treated with products and then were infested with 30 adults of B. tuberculata. The insects were kept in cages adapted to plant leaves and evaluation of the number of dead adults and eggs on the leaves was done 48h after the beginning of the study. Plant Clean® stood out on nymphs control (54% mortality) and for adults, the best product was Pironin® (86.8%). All products caused deterrence in oviposition.


Manihot esculenta; Alternative control; Oviposition; Insecticide.


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