Evaluationof water erosionchanges insurfacesoilin different plant cover of Awatershedin Alegre, ES

Huezer Viganô Sperandio, Roberto Avelino Cecílio, Wesley Augusto Campanharo, Cássio Fanchiotti Del Caro, Maycon Patríco de Hollanda


Erosion is the process of detachment, drag and deposition of soil particles, which caused the loss of productive capacity of soils, siltation, and eutrophication and the loss of quality of surface waters. Keep this degradation process at tolerable levels is a major environmental concerns with this work aimed to evaluate the losses of soil in a pasture and forest regeneration through a simple temporal and economically – Pin Method. The study consisted of two experimental plots located in the watershed of the Rio Jacaré, Alegre – ES, with 108 square meters each, under different cover crops, pasture and natural forest regeneration. Methodology by changing the surface of the soil, dug up 40 stakes in the ground, where he proceeded to read monthly. It was observed an average loss of 6.08 Mg ha-1 month-1 and 3.34 Mg ha-1 month-1 soil, pasture and regeneration, respectively. The average reading of the stakes in the pasture was 51,85% higher than in regeneration.



Water erosion; Method pin; Losses of soil; Grassland; Forest regeneration.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2012v33n4p1411

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