Note on phoptography register and preliminares observations from puerulus to juvenile of Panulirus argus after settlement in Amansia sp. macroalgae in Brazil

Marco Antonio Igarashi


Puerulus of Panulirus argus settlement is generally in the shallows and typically reside solitary in branched red algae Amansia sp. This type of habitat may be found in many areas of the  Ceara State Coast,  where macroalgae Amansia sp. with associated other genera of macroalgae and crevice shelters function as habitat for young juvenile spiny lobster. The objective of this work was to help to explain the settlement of puerulus and juvenile of P. argus in the coast of Ceará, Brazil and their behaviour.


Habitat; Puerulus; Juveniles; Panulirus argus; Northeast of Brazil


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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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