Aspectos do mito em “Invenção de Orfeu”

Oscar Lermenn


This article presents an application of the concept of myth according do "La Mythologie Primitive: le monde mythique des australiens et des papous" by Lucien Lêvy Bruhl. The applicability of the concept is exemplified by means of the structural and most recurrent elements of the epopee "Invenção de Orfeu" by Jorge de Lima. We also try to give evidence to the concept of the myth referred to above in the elements which contain reciprocal negation, as for instance: "We are poets without being born", "What armless hand wrote it", "The way out Is to laugh with the absent mouth". We still add the elements which offer sensorial falacy, Le., discrepancies between the sensorial and ideological level, between the world of poetic creativity and the world of reality. Based on the above premise, we reached the point to conclude for the amplification of the semantic field of the structural elements in expanding and always renewed articulations.



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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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