Doença de Chagas por transfusão de sangue em Londrina

José Luis da Silveira Baldy


The author emphasizes the importance of Chagas'disease transmited by blood transfusion in Brazil, and particularly in North region of Parana State. One serological survey for American Trypanosomiasis performed in two blood banks (4,500 blood donor candidates) of tondrina, Parana State, Brazil, showed positive results in 7.4%. Six cases of acute pos-transfusion Oiagas'disease diagnosed in Londrina are presented. Two patients died and the further four cases were treated with nifurtimox, with good clinical response. The author points out the discrepancy between the small number of reported Ctiagas'disease acute cases and the high prevalence of positive serologic reactions fort his infection in donor candidates of blood hanks in Brazil He emphasizes the importance, in this country, of blood transfusion as infectious source of Trypanosoma cnizi, and remembers rules to follow when it will be necessary to use blood transfusions in countries where Chagas'disease is endemic. The early administration of trypanosomicidal drugs is mandatory, in cases of acute post-transfusion Chagas 'disease, eventually diagnosed.



Semina: Ciênc. Agrár.
Londrina - PR
E-ISSN 1679-0359
DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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