Função de demanda de alimentos com parâmetros variáveis: uma análise da região sul do Brasil

Hideharu Carlos Ikehara, Sergio Alberto Brandt


In this paper the transformation of variables analysis has been applied to estimate the demand for food. Aggregated data for the Southern Region of Brazil, collected in 1974, was used in the analysis. Results indicate that food demand is incomeinelastic (Ey - 0,39/) and this elasticity tends to decline as income rises. Elasticities calculated form arbitrary functional forms (linear, duoble-log and ratio semi-log) are at times more than 60 percent different from that calculated from the "appropriate" form. The empirical evidence further suggest that there are economies of size in food consumption for learger house holds.



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E-ISSN 1679-0359
DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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