Correlações genéticas, fenotípicas e ambientais, de pesos e ganhos de peso no desmame e pós-desmame em bovinos da raça Hereford

Marco Antonio Rocha, J. A. R. Ribeiro,, L. A. Fries


Genotypic, phenotypic and environmental correlations between parameters were determined in three Hereford herds in the Bagé and Herval do Sul counties, state of Rio Grande do SuL One hundred and eight three (93 males and 90 females) were studied for the following characteristics: weight at weaning (WW; average daily weight gain from birth til weaning (ADWW); weight after weaning (WA Wj and average weight gain after weaning (A WA W). The mathematical model for the data included the following variables: herd, herdbull, sex and interaction of herd and sex. The genotypic, phenotypic and enviromental correlations were: PAD x GMDD (0,980; 0,970 e 0,975);PAD x PAS (0,493; 0,661 e 0, 71.5); PAD x GMDS (-0,043; 0,025 e 0,050); GMDDxPAS(0,422; 0,641 e 0,723); GMDD x GMDS (-0,110; 0,028 s 0,095) e PAS x GMDS (0,851; 0.761 e 0,724). According to the genotypic correlations obtained, the indirect seletion of one characristic by the use of others is viable except for GMDS in relation to PAD and GMDD.



Correlations; Beef cattle; Weaning characteristics; After weaning characteristics.


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