Influence of Beta-Carotene Levels on the Fecundity of Beef Cows

I A Krots, J P Neves


Beta-Carotene concentrations were determined in 96 cows of charoláis beed wich were randomly separated during a breeding season. The samples were collected fortnightly during the first 45 days of the breeding season. The conception rate of the livestock was 62,5% of which 52% being for heifers and 73% for cows out of lactation. The average dosage obtained for Beta-Carotene concentrations was 6,58% mg/l which is much higher than the values considered to influence conception negatively, in spite of the statistically significant differences between pregnant and no pregnant animals.


Beta-Carotene; charoláis beed.


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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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