Estudo morfobiologico de larvas no período pré-parasitário de Gaigeria Pachyscelis Railliet & Henry, 1910 (Nematoda: Ancylostomatidae)

Adjair Antonio do Nascimento, Paulo de Toledo Artigas, Isaú Gouveia Arantes


Ixirval eclodion was observed in eggs of Gaigeria pachyscelis naturally eliminated, incubated in deionized destiled water (pH 6,5) in Petri dishes at 26Q-C been that the majority (97,16%) has ecloded between 92 to 100 hs of incubation. Eggs incubated in destiled water (pH 6,5) and kept at the same conditions of "culture"as previously it was observed eclosion after 90 hs of incubation; the majority (93,93%) ecloded between 108 to 116 hs. Culture of 6420 eggs obtained through female "in vitro" oviposition, under destiled water (pH 6,5) and kept at 26°C eclosion was observed after 66 hs of incubation; the majority of the larvae (70,5%) ecloded between 88 to 100 hs. The nematode eggs incubation on screen immersed in destiled water has shown promissing results, since the cost is quite low, highli pratical procedure and the resulting larvae do not need to be extrated by the conventional methods, show viability when tested for infectivity. On 137 larvae examined just after eclosion, 135 (98,5%) showed cutilar displacement on one extremity, and can be considered larvae belonging to the 2nd instar of development. Infesting larvae (3rd instar) were detected on the cultures after the 5th day of incubation.




G. pachyscelis; Life cicle; Morphological an biological; Larvae.


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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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