Ovariohisterectomia em cadelas pelo acesso lateral

Domingos José Sturion, Shiguedy Kato, Luiz César da Silva, Neide Satie Takahashi, Lucila Deljudes Carvalho, Carlos David de Souza Castro


The technique of ovariohisterectomy by left and right side approach with longitudinal and transversal incision, was practiced in six adult mongrel female dogs. The anesthesias used were the etil (1-metilbutil) - barbiturat sedio in the general anesthesia and to test the epidural anesthesia lidocaina cloridrat. The technique became easier by the use of sand pillow in the opposite side of the abdomen which was incised, but the left side, independently of the incision, was the one which presented better results. The epidural anesthesia allowed the execution of the technique, and the inconvenience of general anesthesia on the dose of 1,0 ml/kg, which is an ideal quantity ofanesthesic in relation to the animal's weight, was not observed.



Ovariohisterectomy; Female dog; Side approach; Vertical and horizontal incision.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.1984v5n16p61

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