Emphysematous pyometra in a bitch

Lucas Alécio Gomes, Maria Isabel de Melo Martins, Nádia Shimozaka, Angelita Zannata Reia, Mahyumi Fujimori, Carolynne Ferreira Barbosa, Caroline Ferreira, Fábio Mitsuo Miyashita, William Kaida de Almeida


Dogs that show an increase in abdominal size are common in clinical routine of pets and pose challenges for the diagnosis. Among these problems is pyometra, which may be due to bacterial contamination, mainly originating from the vagina in estrus period. We report the case of a female dog, pinscher, young adult, with a history of heat for about 25 days and progressive abdominal enlargement for about 20 days. In the percussion sounds are detected abdominal tympanic. There was leukocytosis with a left shift and a tubular structure distended with gas inside was evident in abdominal radiographs. At exploratory celiotomy uterine horns were increased and with gaseous and liquid content inside. Therefore, ovariohysterectomy was done. The content of uterine fluid was submitted for microbial culture, in which isolated Staphylococcus sp; cytological examination identified the gram - positive sporulated suggestive of Clostridium sp. This animal was treated postoperatively with broad-spectrum antibiotics.


Emphysematous pyometra; Bitch; Clostridium sp.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2011v32n3p1133

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