Electric conductivity of the exudate from crude coffee beans. (Coffea arabica L)

Cássio Egídio Cavenaghi Prete, Jairo Teixeira Mendes Abraão


In order to study the influence of moistures levels and beans size on coffee electrical conductivity two experiments were conducted at the ESALO Agricultural Department. Seven treatments were made with sieves 18, 17, not classified, 16 moka 10, 15 and 14, every one concerning its own grain size. None of those treatments were statistically different when their electrical conductivity was evaluated, three and a half'hours later embibed. Five different water contents and, consequently, five different moisture levels were obtained from c.v. Catuai (10,99%, 8,06%, 8,10%, 7,23% and 7,09%) and c.v. Mundo Novo (10,28%,, 8,97%, 8,92%,, 7,02% and 6,85%) where it was verified that the electrical condutivity was greater, on water treatments with less than 8% of moisture.



Coffee (Coffea arabica L.), Electric condutivity, Moisture, Bean size.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.1996v17n1p18

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