Population influenced on the yield of a hybrid cow

Amir Pissaia, José Luiz Camargo Zambon, Pedro Ronzelli Junior, Laís Roth Pelizzari, Newton Akira Yorinori


A field experiment was carried out during 1991/92 at the UFPR Experimental Station, Piraquara, PR, to determinate the influence of different populations on the yield result obtained with 0,60 in between rows, the equivalent of 83,333 plants/ha, significantly better than 0,80 and 0,90 m in between rows. It confirmed how important it is to get the right plant population in the field even when it is bigger than the usual, because it had the same average number of ears per plant. It also indicates that the bigger grain weight by ear is important to raise the yield when it is associated with the other yield components.



Yield components, Population, Zea mays L., Morphological alterations.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.1996v17n1p14

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