Sanitary quality of the soybeans grain food type

Adilson Bizzeto Ronaldo, Mauricio Levy, Martin Homechin, Deonisio Destro, Lilian Azevedo Miranda


The pourpouse was amount the incidence of fungus in soybean grains preceding for crossing of food soybean type with grain soybean type. The food soybean type comprehend the big seed soybean, whom one hundred wheigth seed (OWS) are like or bigger than 20 grams (vegetable soybean type) and little soybeans seed, whom one hundred weight seed are smaller than 10 grams (soybean for consume as sprouts or natto type). The grain soybean type has a middle size, with (OWS) between 10 and 19 grams, and it is for industry to produce oil and bran. The seed sample of 116 different pure lines were cropped in camp in 1993 and appraised in Blotter Test Method. It was detected the folowing fungus: Aspergillus sp. (40,37%); Penicillium sp. (18,66%); Fusarium sp. (12,44%); Rhizopus sp. (5,71 %); Cercospora sp. (1,87%) and Verticillium sp. (1,52%). Bellow of 1,5% were detected the folowing fungus: Alternaria sp.; Coiletotrichum sp.; Thchoderma sp.; Curvularia sp.; Nigrospora sp.; Phomopsis sp.; Diplodia sp. and Monilia sp. In a improvment genetics program for soybean to human consume special atention should be spend to microrganisms like Aspergillus sp.; Penicillium sp. and Fusarium sp.; once that they are capable to produce toxins that may be prejudicial for human beings and animals.



Fungus, Seeds, Soybean, Food.


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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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