Effect of glyphosate and manganese on nutrition and yield of transgenic glyphosate-resistant soybean

Fábio Fernando Stefanello, Marlene Estevão Marchetti, Eulene Francisco da Silva, Josemar Stefanello, Rafael Sabino Bonifácio Doreto, José Oscar Novelino


Research suggests that the application of glyphosate on transgenic glyphosate-resistant soybean can cause induced deficiency of Mn. Thus, the aim of this work was to evaluate the application of glyphosate and manganese in post-emergence on different phenological growth stages of RR soybean and its effects on leaf nutrient contents and productivity of grains. The experiment was carried out at two farms in Rio Brilhante-MS, both with randomized block experimental design with six replications at Lages de Pedra farm and four replications at São Manoel farm. Treatments were established in 3 x 8 factorial schemes, where the factor A consisted of three treatments with glyphosate (without the application of glyphosate, application of 720 g i.a. in the growth stage V2 + 480 g a. in V4, and application of 1.200 g i.a. in V4 growth stage). The factor B consisted of eight treatments with foliar application of Mn being without application, and seven Mn application was sprayed the leaves with 332 g ha-1, divided into different growth stages. The application of glyphosate on transgenic soybean did not have effect on leaf nutrient contents, including the absorbing of Mn. Yield and mass of 100 grains were not influenced by applying of glyphosate neither by leaf fertilization with Mn, and leaf applying of Mn influenced only the leaf contents of Mn and Fe.


Roundup ready; Micronutrient deficiency; Herbicide.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2011v32n3p1007

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