Pruning times in seasonality, yield and quality of ‘Paluma’ guava fruits

Dayana Portes Ramos, Sarita Leonel, Andréa Carvalho da Silva, Manoel Euzébio de Souza, Adilson Pacheco de Souza, Alexandre Martins Fragoso


The purpose of the research was to evaluate the yield and quality of the ‘Paluma’ guava fruits submitted to the pruning in the June and July months/2007, in Botucatu, São Paulo state, Brazil. Number of fruits, fresh weight, longitudinal and transversal diameter, yield per plant, productivity, soluble solid (SS), acidity (AT), ratio (SS/AT), pH, content ascorbic acid, and total reducing sugars of the fruits were evaluated. The experimental design was completely randomized consisting of 3 treatments (2 times of pruning + control), with 12 replications for each treatment. It was observed that the guava trees which were not pruned showed, higher yield per plant (145.75 kg), yield (60.72 t ha-1) and, number of fruits per plant (1.163), when pruned in June and July. Regarding the quality of the fruit most of the variables were not affected by treatments, except for reducing sugars. The cycle between the pruning until early harvest concentrated fruit ranged from 197 to 234 days, and pruning in June had the smallest period.


Psidium guajava; Climate; Soluble solids; Acidity


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