High seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora spp. in stray dogs from Rolim de Moura, Rondônia state, Western Brazilian Amazon

Henrique Momo Ziemniczak, Maerle Oliveira Maia, Maiara Oliveira Maia, Elvino Ferreira, Nayche Tortato Vieira, Klaus Casaro Saturnino, Katia Denise Saraiva Bresciani, Ana Amélia Domingues Gomes, Richard de Campos Pacheco, Thaís Rabelo Santos-Doni


Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora spp. are important apicomplexan pathogens that can infect dogs and result in a neurological syndrome. The aim of this study was to evaluate the seroprevalence of T. gondii and Neospora spp. in stray dogs in the state of Rondônia, Brazil. A cross-sectional study was conducted from June 2014 to April 2016. A total of 458 dogs blood samples were collected at the Center for Control of Zoonosis (CCZ), and anti-T. gondii and anti-N. spp. antibody levels were detected and measured using indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT). The seroprevalence of T. gondii and Neospora spp. in dogs it was 82.20% and 73.85%, respectively. The seroprevalence of coinfections was 47.59%. This is the first report of anti-T. gondii and anti-Neospora spp. antibodies detected in stray dogs in Rolim de Moura, state of Rondônia, Western Brazilian Amazon. Male dogs showed a higher frequency of anti-T. gondii antibodies than female dogs (88.0% vs. 75.3%; p smaller 0.001), presenting 2.41 times more chances of having the disease. High seroprevalence of infection (92.4%: T. gondii and 89.2%: Neospora spp.) was detected in the group bigger, smaller 1-year-old dogs, in all collections, with OR 7.35 and OR 10.27 for the presence of anti-T. gondii and anti-Neospora spp., respectively. In conclusion, the serological results indicate an important circulation of T. gondii and Neospora spp. in wandering dogs hailing from Rolim de Moura, state of Rondônia, Western Brazilian Amazonia.


Toxoplasmosis; Neosporosis; Canine; Brazil; Prevalence; IFAT.

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