Changes in technological quality of black and carioca beans commercial genothypes

Lucinéia de Oliveira Grobs Zimmermann, Silvia Renata Machado Coelho, Divair Christ, Lúcia Helena Pereira Nóbrega


Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) consumption may be affected by a textural defect named hard-to-cook (HTC), that increases grain cooking time of the grain, reducing its quality. The objective of this work was to evaluate the quality of black and carioca beans commercial genothypes, relating with the appearance of HTC defect. Water absorption analyses had been carried through for grains in two soaking methods and absorvance of broth gotten during the soaking, beyond pH analysis of the grains. Differences were observed in grain water absorption of analyzed commercial genotyphes and the soaking for one hour with water in boiling point corresponds to a water absorption at about eight hours in ambient temperature. There were differences in absorvance of soaking broth, indicating bigger loss of soluble in commercial genotypes that had also presented pH reduction , what may indicate the beginning of grains installation HTC. Grains soaked with water in boiling point presented a great loss of soluble in broth in comparison with soaking in ambient temperature.





Phaseolus vulgaris L; Cooking quality; soaking


Semina: Ciênc. Agrár.
Londrina - PR
E-ISSN 1679-0359
DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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