Canine visceral leishmaniasis in Londrina, Paraná - investigation and case report

Eloiza Teles Caldart, Cínthia Peres Camilo, Jéssica Regina Moreira, Andressa Maria Rorato Nascimento de Matos, Fernanda Pinto Ferreira, Aline Ticiani Pereira Paschoal, Weslem Garcia Suhett, Odilon Vidotto, Regina Mitsuka-Breganó, Italmar Teodorico Navarro


Dogs are considered the main reservoirs of visceral leishmaniasis for humans, which also present a chronic and severe clinical picture when affected. The objective of the present report was to describe a canine visceral leishmaniasis case diagnosed in Londrina, an indene city, and its investigation. A street animal with extensive dermatological lesions, onychogryphosis, mild anemia and leukopenia was attended at a veterinary hospital in Londrina, where positivity was reported for Leishmania spp. in serological tests. Cytology was positive in bone marrow, PCR and parasite culture were positive in skin, spleen, liver, lymph node and bone marrow, and DNA sequencing confirmed the species of the parasite as L. (L.) infantum. The official diagnosis was made by the Central Laboratory of Paraná (LACEN), and through an official report, an investigation of the case was started for the confirmation of autochthony. An active search for the vector and other canine cases in the neighborhood was carried out along with a search for information on the origin of the animal in question. However, the species, Lutzomyia longipalpis, new canine cases, or origin of the sick animal were not identified. Although, the present case cannot be confirmed as autochthonous, we suggest that it is necessary to disseminate the present report to serve as a warning to veterinarians and other public health professionals in the northern region of Paraná to be attentive to suspicious cases and to not fail to investigate these cases to the end.


Leishmania L. infantum; Lutzomyia longipalpis; Street dog.

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