Application of hormonal subdoses at acupoint Hou Hai in estrus synchronization protocols of goats

Reuber de Carvalho Cardoso, Larissa Pires Barbosa, Rosiléia Silva Souza, Caline Santana da França, Manoel Diran Maia Ribeiro Junior, Ana Lúcia Almeida Santana, Ronival Dias Lima de Jesus, Rosimere Santana dos Santos


The objective was to evaluate the efficacy of hormonal subdoses at acupoint Hou Hai in estrus synchronization of goats. Sixty-nine females goats received intravaginal sponges containing 60 mg of medroxyprogesterone acetate for seven days and were randomly distributed among three treatments: T1 (n = 23): application of 125 ?g of PGF2? on the sixth day (D6) and 300 UI of eCG on the seventh day (D7), both intramuscularly (IM); T2 (n = 23) and T3 (n = 23): application 37.5 ?g of PGF2? at D6 and 90 UI of eCG at D7, applied by Hou Hai acupuncture and false acupuncture (IM), respectively. The goats were subjected to hormonal protocol and monitored for the coverage and evaluation of reproductive parameters. The data were subjected to normality analysis, followed by appropriate statistical tests for each variable. Greater numbers of estrus goats were obtained in treatments one (T1 = 100%) and three (T3 = 91.3%) (p < 0.05). No difference was observed (p > 0.05) for sponge removal intervals at the beginning (35.9 h) and end (59.8 h) of estrus, and for the duration of estrus (24.7 h), gestation rate at 30 (77%) and 60 (76.7%) days, and prolificacy (1.9). The use of PGF2? and eCG in subdoses applied to the Hou Hai acupoint or false acupoint was efficient in synchronizing estrus in goats, based on the rate of gestation and prolificity of the animals.


Pharmacopuncture; Hormone; Small ruminants.

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