Concentration and periods of application of prohexadione calcium in the growth of strawberry seedlings

Caroline Farias Barreto, Leticia Vanni Ferreira, Savana Irribarem Costa, Andressa Vighi Schiavon, Tais Barbosa Becker, Gerson Kleinick Vignolo, Luis Eduardo Correa Antunes


For strawberry cultivation in Brazil, producers are dependent on imported seedlings. An alternative strategy to reduce this dependence is the use of seedlings obtained from nursery plants grown in a protected environment. However, as these seedlings are produced in the summer and planted at the end of this season or the spring of the following year, it is necessary to control growth to reduce the energy costs of the plants. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different concentrations and periods of application of proexadione calcium (ProCa) on growth control of strawberry seedlings. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse with seedlings of the cultivars ‘Aromas’ and ‘Camarosa’, produced by rooting stolons and kept in polystyrene trays of 72 cells in a substrate of carbonized rice husk. The experimental design was completely randomized, with a 4 × 2 factorial scheme (4 concentrations of ProCa: 0, 100, 200, and 400 mg L-1 × 2 periods of application: at 20 and 30 days after the planting period of rooting stolon). Plant survival, crown diameter, petiole length, total leaf area, specific leaf area, chlorophyll concentration, and dry mass of the crown and shoot were evaluated. The application of ProCa at 20 days after the planting period of the rooting stolon at the concentrations of 200 and 400 mg L-1 favored the reduction of petiole length in plants of ‘Aromas’ strawberry and total leaf aerial in ‘Camarosa’ strawberry. The application of ProCa from the concentration of 100 mg L-1 reduced the vegetative growth of ‘Aromas’ and ‘Camarosa’ strawberry seedlings cultivated in substrate.


Fragaria × ananassa; Inhibitor of gibberellin; Plant regulators.

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