Prevalence study on Trypanosoma vivax in dairy cattle in the Western region on the State of Paraná, Brazil

Alessandra Snak, Arielle Aparecida Lara, Felipe Gustavo Garcia, Euclides Mario Pieri, Júlia Angélica Gonçalves da Silveira, Silvia Cristina Osaki


In Brazil, Trypanosoma vivax is present in several states. The disease is endemic in Pantanal and Minas Gerais. In Paraná there is still no report of the parasite, but due to the state borders with Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Paraguay and Argentina, it is believed that the protozoan circulates in the region without diagnosis. The objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence of T. vivax in dairy cattle in the western region of Paraná. For this purpose, 600 blood samples and 400 serum samples were collected from dairy cattle, distributed in 60 and 40 properties, respectively. While buffy coat smears were performed on blood samples, serum samples were used in Indirect Immunofluorescence Reaction. All samples, in both techniques, presented negative results for T. vivax. These results indicate that the studied hemoprotozoan is not circulating among the cattle in the western region of Paraná. However, future work evolving beef cattle must be carried out and preventive measures should be adopted in order to avoid the entry of the parasite in the State of Paraná.


IFAT; Buffy coat; Hemoprotozoan; Smear; Trypanosomiasis.

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