First register of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) in star fruit in Teresina, Altos and Parnaiba, state of Piaui, Brazil

Sávio Silveira Feitosa, Paulo Roberto Ramalho Silva, Luiz Evaldo de Moura Pádua, Marcela Patricia da S. Sousa, Erislete Pereira de Passos, Almerinda Amélia Rodrigues Araújo Soares


The present work aims to register the occurrence of the fruit flies associated to star fruit (Averrhoa carambola L.) in three counties of the state of Piaui, as well as to determine the frequency and the index of infestation of these insects. The fruits had been collected during the months of August and September 2005, and had been placed in plastic trays with sterilized soil, stored in metal cages, and left in environmental temperature at the laboratory. Until emergency, the adults had been kept in bottles with alcohol 70% and later identified in the species level. The biggest index of infestation (flies/fruit) of C. capitata has occurred in the county of Altos (3.66), followed by Teresina and Parnaiba that had presented index of infestation of 2.18 and 0.016, respectively. C. capitata was the most frequent species in all the counties, presenting frequencies of 100%, 96.5%, and 100% in Teresina, Altos and Parnaiba, respectively. Ceratitis capitata is registered for the first time in star fruit in Teresina, Altos and Parnaiba, state of the Piaui. Anastrepha fraterculus is registered for the first time in the county of Altos. A. fraterculus and C. capitata occur simultaneously in star fruits.


Ceratitis capitata; Averrhoa carambola; Anastrepha fraterculus; Occurrence.


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