Characteristics of the milk production of the agreste region of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil

Alexandre Amorim Monteiro, Ronaldo Tamanini, Livia Cavaletti Corrêa da Silva, Marcos Rodrigues de Mattos, Douglas Furtado Magnani, Loredana d’Ovidio, Luis Augusto Nero, Márcia de Aguiar Ferreira Barros, Edleide Maria Freitas Pires, Benoit Pascal Dominique Paquereau, Vanerli Beloti


The Agreste region in the state of Pernambuco is characterized by a diversified economy, with different cultivars, besides the daily and beef farms. In 2004 the State produced 398 million liters of milk; it represented 14.7% of the Northeast Region production and 1.7% of the National production. The aim of this work was to characterize the milk properties of the Agreste region of Pernambuco, observing conditions and factors that could interfere with milk quality. In the survey, 41 milk farms were selected in the region. Small milk farms were the most common found, with less than 25 (43.9%) animals in lactation, and 36 (87.8%) farms held a manual milking process. In relation to hygiene practices during milking, 16 (39.0%) of the producers washed the teats before beginning, but only 4 (9.8%) performed pre-dipping and 34 (82.9%) milked in the presence the calf. Only 5 (12%) farms applied some treatment to the water used for cleaning installations and equipment, even the water for human consumption was treated in only 43.9% of the farms. Milk refrigeration was performed in 10 (24.4%) farms in communitarian tanks. As far as animal health is concerned, 39 (95.1%) owners vaccinated for food and mouth disease and 23 (56.1%) for brucellosis, while 10 (24.4%) tested for tuberculosis. Regarding the farms structure the production conditions were precarious, showing the need of improving the structure itself and animal handling. As well as the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices in the milking process, proper to the local reality.


Milk; Milk production; Wasteland region.


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