Double renal artery originating from aorta in dog: case report

Luciano da Silva Alonso, Marcelo Abidu-Figueiredo


The presence of the multiple renal artery in dogs, supplying the left kidney, has been reported in 12-15%. New surgery technics in the urogenital tract and the utilization of model for renal transplantation are of clinical significance when considering surgery of that kidney. Courses of anatomy directed veterinary medicine and animal anatomy for students of courses of graduation in the areas of agrarian and biological sciences, use anatomical material proceeding from domestic animals in considerable volume. The use of the material of the laboratories of anatomy for studies of frequency of anatomical variations constitutes way of together contribution to the applied areas, such as the surgery and the clinic. The objective of this report is to presentation of the left multiple renal artery case, originating from the ventral portion of the aorta, in female dog cadaver, with two months, formalin-preserved at 10% and with latex colored vascular injected.


Dog; Anatomy; Double renal artery.


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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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