Comparative analysis of meteorological data obtained by conventional and automatic stations in Londrina – PR

Lívia Maria Pederzini Pereira, Paulo Henrique Caramori, Wilian da Silva Ricce, João Henrique Caviglione


The objective was to compare variables collected with a conventional meteorological station of IAPAR with an automatic station of SIMEPAR, located side by side at the experimental station of IAPAR in Londrina – PR (latitude: 23°22´S; longitude: 51°10´W and altitude: 585m). Daily data of the following meteorological variables were analyzed: rainfall (Prec), maximum (Tmax), minimum (Tmin) and mean (Tmed) temperature, wind speed (V), and mean relative humidity (UR med), during the period from 10/01/ 1999 to 12/31/2006. For data comparisons the following statistical indexes were used: determination coefficient (R2); agreement (d); maximum error (EM); absolute mean error (EAM); efficiency (EF); critical mass coefficient (CRM); square root of the normalized quadratic mean error (RMSE); systematic (Es) and random (Ea) errors. Based on the linear regressions it was concluded that there was a significant agreement for each variable measured in both stations. The largest differences were found in the maximum temperature, mean relative humidity and rainfall, with ME of 4.7ºC, 24.5% e 21.2mm, respectively. The analyses evidenced that data obtained with the automatic meteorological station have high quality and can be used in climatological studies.


Meteorological station; Comparative analysis; Climatological variables.


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Londrina - PR
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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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