Chicken fat: technological and nutritional alternatives

Graciela Salete Centenaro, Valcenir Júnior Mendes Furlan, Leonor Almeida de Souza-Soares


In the last years the production of chicken meat have increased considerably, and as consequence have been generated a larger amount of industrial waste of the poultry processing. These agroindustrial residues are rich in several nutrients that can be used in nature, but may also be applied processing techniques in order to provide transformations desired on the chemical and physical characteristics, in view to a better use of the same ones. These by-product are rich in lipids could be used in several products, however are usually used in the elaboration of animal feed and products with low value. In this review are being approached the principal technological and nutritional aspects presented by the derived lipids of the chicken processing. Technological alternatives are also presented to solve the discard of that material in the environment.


Biofuel; Environment; Residues agroindustrial.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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