Oxisol physical quality with application of landfill leachate

Jean Carlo Santos de Oliveira, José Francirlei de Oliveira, Alex Figueiredo, Graziela Moraes de Cesare Barbosa, João Tavares Filho


The organic carbon present in the landfill leachate (LL) can improve the physical quality of the soil when applied in agricultural areas, minimizing the problem of disposal of this waste. The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of the application of different doses of LL on the physical quality of the Red Latosol (Oxisol) after five years of applications. The treatment consisted of applications of LL in doses of 32, 65, 98 and 130 m3 ha-1 crop-1 and the treatment that receives mineral fertilizer. The physical quality of the soil was evaluated in soil samples collected in the layers 0.00-0.10 and 0.10-0.20 m, through the analysis of stability and diameter of the aggregates, soil density, total aeration capacity, field capacity and available water content. After five years of application of LL, at doses of 65, 98 and 130 m3 ha-1 crop-1 have promoted a linear increase of the aggregates with diameter greater than 2.00 mm, of the weighted average and geometric diameters and of the soil density, with a consequent reduction of the ratio between macro and micropores and the aeration capacity of the layers 0.00-0.10 and 0.10-0.20 m. After five years of these applications, the soils that received the dose of 32 m3 ha-1 crop-1 presented the best physical quality in relation to the other doses, since this dose did not promote an increase of the aggregates larger than 2 mm in the superficial layer (0.00-0.10 m) and was the dose with lower effect in the reduction of aeration of the soil, in relation to the others (65, 98 and 130 m3 ha-1 season-1) in the layers 0.00-0, 10 and 0.10 - 0.20 m.


Soil management; Soil porosity; Soil structure.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2017v38n5p2967

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