Morphogenesis and structure of mombassa grass over different growth periods

Márcio Odilon Dias Rodrigues, Antonio Clementino dos Santos, Marcos Odilon Dias Rodrigues, Rubens Ribeiro da Silva, Otacilio Silveira Junior


This study aimed to evaluate the effect of nitrogen (N) fertilizer doses on morphogenic and structural characteristics of mombassa grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) at three different periods of the lifespan of tillers. The experiment was conducted in Araguaína-TO, Brazil, from December 2014 to February 2015. It was installed in split plots in a randomized block design with four replications. The doses of N-fertilizer (0, 30, 60, 90 kg N.ha-1) were the plots and the periods evaluated (1PER – first period from day 16 to 30; 2PER from day 31 to 45 and 3PER from day 46 to 60 after germination) were the subplots. The evaluated variables consisted of leaf appearance rate (LAR), leaf elongation rate (LER), stem elongation rate (SER), leaf senescence rate (LSR), phyllochron, tiller number, leaf emergence, and total leaf number. A Pearson correlation analysis was used to morphogenic and structural characteristics along with a regression analysis for all the variables. Overall, increasing N-fertilizer doses positively influenced the leaf appearance and leaf elongation rates, tiller density, and the number of live leaves per tiller. The 90-kg N.ha-1 dose enabled the best morphogenic and structural responses of the forage when compared to the other rates. Each period featured differently, with higher values of LSR, SER, and LER in 3PER when compared to those in 2PER and in 1PER. Therefore, the nutritional supply over the first weeks of tiller lives was defining to an increase in forage production in the remaining periods. In light of this, we observed that as LAR raise in the first days after germination, nutritional supplies are required from day 15 on, mainly nitrogen, so plants could continue their development since initial plant growth determines pasture productive vigor and longevity.


Leaf appearance; Tiller; (Panicum maximum Jacq.); Growth period.

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