Toxoplasma gondii: abortion outbreak in a goatherd from Southern Brazil

Mauro de Freitas Silva Filho, Érika Erzinger, Ivo Alexandre Leme da Cunha, Felipe Monteiro Bugni, Fernando Nakanishi Hamada, Elizabete Regina Marangoni Marana, Roberta Lemos Freire, João Luis Garcia, Italmar Teodorico Navarro


The present study aimed to investigate an abortion outbreak in a goatherd from Southern Brazil. The herd had 304 goats, being 227 females and 77 males. Sixty-one animals (44.8%) out of 136 dams aborted. Indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) was performed for anti-T.gondii antibody detection and showed 59/61 (96.7%) positive females (titers ¡Ý64). Fifty-five (93.2%) out of 59 positive dams showed titers ¡Ý 1024. Tissue samples from eight aborted fetuses and raw milk from their dams were collected for mouse bioassay and PCR. Two fetuses were positive for T. gondii infection in both bioassay and PCR. The animals were treated for five days with sulfadiazine plus trimetoprim what was enough to stop the abortion cases. Considering the results from this work the abortion outbreak was caused by T. gondii infection.


Toxoplasma gondii; Abortion; Goat.


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